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Mobile Massage Therapy

Mobile Massage Therapy

We are a specialized massage service. Offering the best massage you will ever receive. Promoting healthy lifestyles and incorporating the benefits of massage therapy.


Client Testimonials

  • Yrimu Karuga

    Yrimu Karuga   3 weeks ago

    Tim was amazing! His massage is just heavenly!

  • Megan K

    Tim Curtis Lmt Has The Best Massages Ever  ❤ ?

    • Tim Curtis Lmt: Thanks suga foot…I gotta learn’em(teach) ? ? ?…yes…yo boi something serious
    • Megan K: You Need To Learn Somebody Close To Us Cuz Texas Is A Long Ride But WORTH It  ?
  • Tim Curtis

    I’ve been massaging a Client of mine for 6 months straight..Deep Tissue work, a lot of Stretching,Trigger Point, Psoas work, and a lot of work on and around the Lamina Groove, etc.  She’s been in a wheel chair for 3, almost 4 years.  After each session, I notice a change in her. OK..YALL READY FOR THIS??  I’m helping her off the table and SHE STANDS UP…I mean..STANDS UP ON HER OWN..the Joy that poured out this woman..This is one of the many reasons I LOVE what I do.  BIG UPS to the Most High, cause I know it was all Him/Her, for Blessing yo boi with such Amazing Talents and Big ups to my client, Latrice S! (Yes I got her permission)  It ain’t over lil Hot Rod… We still got more work to do..I just had to share this..  #BTM #MassageLife #TeamCurtis

  • Renee M

    Best massage therapist that I have ever had. Helped tremendously with my knee pain and relieved my tense neck and shoulders. Highly recommend Tim to all of my friends!

  • Annie S

    Tim’s massages are amazing! I always seems to fall asleep because they are relaxing and reinvigorating. I look forward to getting my massages because the whole experience is inviting and comfortable


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