Tim Curtis LMT

Tim Curtis LMT

I am cruising with the Art of Flow, bringing wellness to your front door. Providing healing to the body and mind through creativity and experience with therapeutic massages.

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Servicing Most Atlanta Metro Areas.

Service Hours: 9 am - 10 pm

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The Art of Flow Massage

Do not worry about going to the spa?
I come to you.

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What my clients are saying...

  • LexyFox

    I wasn’t waiting long before Tim got here and I greeted and invited him in my home. His energy is delightful and when I told him to do a little extra work around my neck in addition to the usual ares he works on, I got just that and more. My Massage experience with Tim are always great and just what my body and mind needed. He is absolutely worth it.

  • Anonymous

    Tim is my absolute favorite massage therapist. He truly listens to my needs and uses the right amount of pressure needed for relief.

  • Kelly L

    Great massage by Tim…very relaxing…Great experience

  • Connie Brazil

    One of the best if not, the best massage I’ve ever had

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