A Change Is Coming

Hello all,

#YoMassageHero here and I just wanted to share from the heart, to my people. I had to look deep within myself, to acknowledge and understand the direction I was taking Beyond Touch Massage. The goals I had set, just wasn’t realistic, but my ego made me think, I could do it BIG with out starting with realistic goals and a solid plan. I use to try and get every client that I could and I found myself giving clients a more effective type massage,than they booked.

I found myself giving Sports, Deep Tissue, or even NMT massages, when they booked for a Swedish massage. No complaints from the clients, they all loved and still love my massages. But this made me realize my true niche and knowing my true niche, has helped me to set goals that COMMAND my thoughts, LIBERATE my energy, and INSPIRE my hopes. This helped me to understand the direction I want Beyond Touch Massage to go.

So my people, #YoMassageHero is proud to announce that Beyond Touch Massage is ready for that next level. My Vision has changed and I have begun revamping myself. Still providing healing to the body and mind, through creativity and experienced therapeutic massages but with a shift of focus. I’m still #YoMassageHero, just wiser, humbled, better. Keep rocking with me my people, so we can continue to maintain that healthy lifestyle. Peace and Blessing…#YoMassageHero