The Kids Are Back In School! Do You Need Help Relaxing?

Longer days and shorter days are some of the best things about summer vacation. For kids, it means no more school, homework or rules. Whoo hoo! For parents, it may not change your work schedule but may be less stressful.  It is even better when you can take time off to enjoy the vacation with them.

Now that you are back to the crazy schedule, do not let stress drive you crazy.

Our Specialist, Tim Curtis LMT, can give you some relaxation during your transition.  Our specialized massages are unique for each person, depending on your personal health goals.

No driving needed, we bring our services to your home.

Beyond Touch Massage Services

  • Sweetest Touch Massage (Swedish)
  • Lions Touch Massage (Deep Tissue)
  • Lightning Touch Massage (Trigger Point)

*Prices based on 1-hr sessions. 

Call or Text to schedule your specialized massage. 214-215-0227