Corporate Events

corporate events

Try adding Beyond Touch Massage’s to your Corporate Events.

Including massage into your corporate events is a great way to reward your employees for their service. Massage therapy is relaxing, relieves muscle tension, and promotes healing.  Beyond Touch Massage uses techniques that train the muscles by refocusing the brain through specialized massage. In return, your employees will be more productive.  With Beyond Touch Massage’s Corporate Events, you can select chair or table massages, depending on the number of employees, time allocated and location.

For smaller groups: Choose one or both of the table massage choices below.

Swedish Massage – Essential therapeutic relief 

Includes time for complete full body massage or focused relief of tension areas.  Ideal for mild stress and relaxation.

Deep Tissue and NMT – Complete therapeutic relief 

Includes a full body massage, plus dedicated relief of key areas for tension, stress, and pain.  Ideal for high stress, neglected muscles or chronic pain.

For larger groups: Choose chair massages, focusing on the neck, shoulders and back.  Approximately ten minutes per massage.

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