Parties and Workshops

Parties Specialized Massage Parties incorporate ten minute Chair Massages for attendees. Ex: Reunions, Showers, Birthday Parties,  Church Events, etc. Workshops Specialized Massage Workshops will teach attendees a variety of massage techniques.…

Corporate Events

corporate events

Refocus you brain, through specialized massage. Corporate events are a great way to reward your employees for their service, increasing productivity.  

Lightning Touch Massage

lightning touch massage

The Lightning Touch Massage is more intense than deep tissue Massage.  It focuses on specific trigger points throughout the body and myofascial release. 

Sweetest Touch Massage

sweetest touch massage

The Sweetest Touch Massage, is the most popular touch massage technique. This Massage consists of relaxing rubbing of the muscles using long gliding strokes. Utilizing open hands only.

Lions Touch Massage

lions touch massage

Most of you may not know the differences between massage techniques.  Each technique varies depending on the focus and intensity required.  The Lions Touch Massage is similar to a Deep Tissue Massage. More intense than the Sweetest Touch Massage and includes stretching the arms and legs.