Latresa B

I would like to recognize Tim Curtiss, LMT, for an exceptional massage experience last evening. I had been having some intense lower back and should pains which I acknowledged to him for my reason for coming in. He noted my areas of contact and provided a full body massage with emphasis in those area. I felt that he ‘listened’ to my concerns and addressed them with the massage therapy focus. He maintained a very quiet and relaxed environment to allow me time to embrace the relaxation to be rendered through my therapy session, without distraction. Today, a day after, I can feel the release of the tension and the positive impact of my session last night. Much gratitude for a session well served thanks to Tim. To only think that I almost thought to cancel my session for the day because I was ‘too busy’. Now, I am so glad that I was still able to get the therapy session included in my day. Tim my therapist for the evening, opened the session with a smile and directed attention to my interest and points of attack for the massage. He questioned my level of comfort for pressure. He was very thorough in addressing my point of contact for my shoulders and lower back. I felt comfortable during the massage. He did not interject excessive conversation but allow the massage and the music to allow me to relax in the moment.